BETA is a Lebanese registered non-governmental organization (Charity #205/AD) established to improve the lives of animals in the region. We provide rehabilitation and a safe haven while striving to find the loving, permanent homes these animals deserve. Through education and direct action, we work to prevent animal overpopulation and cruelty, and encourage a society that treats animals with compassion.

Our mission is to strive towards ensuring that one day all animals in Lebanon will get the chance to live safely and securely. It’s our goal to educate individuals and take direct action to help animals in Lebanon live the life they deserve, for we all belong to this planet and it is home to all of us.

BETA is one of the most active animal shelters in Lebanon and also the first to initiate and start rescuing dogs, cats and other species of wildlife in its founding country. Rescues often take place in life threatening situations for the animals and are most often at times dangerous or difficult to accomplish, yet BETA strives to make every mechanism of their rescues a success.

We exist solely on the kindness of your donations, adoptions and assistance.