DOG SHOW 2014-01

Kick Your Paws Off, BETA’s 7th Annual Dog Show was held at the Beirut Race Horse Track (S.P.A.R.C.A) on Saturday, June 21st.

We always find ourselves roaming cloud number nine after every Dog Show, but this year the excitement and the feeling of content were different; they were at another (insert higher) level.
A week of fear, bombs, roadblocks and… Extreme animal loving to end it in style!
What was almost cancelled turned out to be an ace of an event.
450 people defied the terror. 450 people celebrated love.
And even though we are used to seeing more people every year, we were proud to see supporters enjoying their time against all odds.

Doors were open at 12:30 to all animal lovers and their families to enjoy a sunny day in a friendly environment where dogs could play, run on green grass and socialize with each other, something we desperately need in Lebanon.

Inflatable games and fun activities for kids, delicious food and snacks, refreshments, music, flea market, homemade dog treats, pet accessories and live entertainment, this was an exceptional event and all proceeds benefited animals in Lebanon.
John Barrett, Cynthia Abi Habib and Bechara Hitti were the judges in the contest that was divided to 8 categories, ranging from best senior to best disable and world cup category this year…

We would love to thank our Judges, Alain Geday, Lucky Woof, and all the people who made this event a successful one, notably Mr. Nabil Nasrallah, director of The Beirut Hippodrome who never misses an opportunity to help BETA in their mission. And we would also like to thank all the volunteers who dedicated their time and effort.

Very special thanks to our sponsors:

PLATINUM Fidus, SPARCA, Virgin Radio
GOLD Belcando, Bewi Dog
SILVER Vivre, Aqua Panna and S.Pellegrino, Cedre Verre, Print Works, Integral, Pedigree, 961 Beer, Warde, Beirut View
PREMIUM Massaya, Petty Paws, Petsville