Food Safety AND Animal Welfare
BETA & CIWF join forces to present a solution to the Beirut Slaughterhouse.

We have been saying it for years now:
BETA has been on this file for a while and contacted Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) in May 2014. On July 14th, BETA board advisor Ms. Fabienne Blineau Abi Ramia, French MP Alain Marsaud and BETA board member Mona Khoury handed the result of a petition launched by CIWF – aiming at closing the Karantina slaughterhouse – to the Minister of Agriculture H.E. Akram Chehayeb who promised to shed light on the animal abuse there and in other abattoirs.

After the scandal in the Lebanese food industry, Mr. Peter Stevenson, CPA for CWIF and BETA agreed that it was time to push the Lebanese Government to force renovations of the abattoirs in accordance with the conventions of the World Animal Health Organization (OIE) of which Lebanon is a member.

Together with Mr. Stevenson, BETA coordinated and secured meetings with the key people involved and met with Deputy Mr. Walid Jounblat, Health Minister H.E. Wael Abou Faour, Agricultural Minister H.E. Akram Chehayeb and the governor of Beirut Mr. Ziyad Chebib; all issues regarding the matter were tackled in details.

Closing down the Karantina Slaughterhouse is a temporary phase to force renovation, but this is not enough! It is very important that the renovation is done according to a clear plan that ensures food safety, and the latter cannot happen without animal welfare.

With the help of BETA, CIWF managed to present a solution to the Lebanese government to improve the conditions of the abattoirs to ensure animal welfare; we will keep on pressuring the key people involved to ensure that the solutions will be implemented.

We are very proud that we got to this level, and we thank everyone who helped directly or indirectly with this case.

Photo courtesy of dailystar.com.lb