Freezing, hungry, infested with fleas and living next to dead carcasses, 15 dogs and 4 kittens were seized and rescued from extremely abusive conditions at a pet shop. Front legs dangling and hanging in the air, chains were so short some dogs were half hanged, while others were kept in one cage near the lifeless body of another canine. The starved kittens who were left in despicable cages under the rain, had two choices: either starve to death, or resort to eating carcasses of fellow animals who had lost the fight… They were in survival mode and even our most experienced volunteers who thought they had seen it all, were not prepared to such carnage. The animals, along with chickens and geese were all left unsupervised, and the whole scene was chaotic. It was “survival of the fittest”; the starved loose dogs had killed most of the birds in an attempt to hunt their food down, and some birds were still in agony. It was a horror scene, a massacre! The details are too gloomy and disheartening, but most importantly, and in an unprecedented step, BETA was able to take-in 19 animals who were lucky enough to survive. And they were immediately transported to a vet clinic where they were medically assessed, treated and de-flead… And seeing them eat a decent meal for the first time was extremely rewarding and worth the efforts to say the least. They are all on their way to full recovery, and they will be looking for homes soon. We cannot keep rescuing animals without the support of animal lovers.